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Thursday, September 24

Take a Sailor Shower ($7.80/month)

Here's an easy way to cut your water and energy bills: cut your shower time. A Sailor Shower will do just that. See, fresh water is in limited supply on the high seas, so Sailors have to be quick and efficient. It's simple: Water On- get wet. Water Off- lather up. Water On- rinse. Here's another tip: use a bucket to catch that cold water when you first turn on the faucet. I'll tell you next time what I do with that water.

Savings: $7.80 per month.
Math: A low flow shower head uses about 2 gallons per minute (the average showerhead uses 4). Where I live, 2 gallons of cold water costs about 1.5 cents. I have a 40 gallon electric water heater, which costs about 75 cents to heat. So, a ten minute shower (20 gallons) costs roughly 52 cents. If I only run the water for 5 minutes, it will cost about 26 cents. 26 cents * 30 days = $7.80 per month.

This isn't me...


  1. Make it even cheaper by sharing the shower and not showering every day.

    Also, most of use (those that don't work out ...sadly that's alot of us AND those that don't work outside) don't need a daily shower.

    It's better for the skin and all.

    1. Ashli,
      We do share the shower... I like the added benefit of getting my back scrubbed. Only recently did I try the "Don't shower every day" idea. In this summer heat I tend to shower daily (but with cold water and basically just to rinse off). In cooler weather it's working out great.

      You're right about the skin benefits. Between taking fewer showers and drinking more water my skin tone has improved.

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