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Tuesday, September 29

Selling my Living Room Furniture

When I lost my job last month, I knew I needed to act fast to shore up my finances. Fortunately, my severance pay continues until November. That gives me 10 weeks to adjust to what will almost certainly be a much lower income moving forward.

My best friend and his family are moving in a couple weeks to a bigger house closer to his job. The last time he moved the family to his current residence, I offered to sell a few pieces of furniture for dirt cheap. So it just made sense to offer up some of my current furniture considering the need to raise funds.

I spent $1,800 at Rooms to Go in March, 2006 for furniture I will be selling for $1,200. This includes a couch, loveseat, chair, two end tables and a cocktail table. The furniture has a bit of wear - the couch has a small cigarette burn from a party that got out of hand and one of the arms was damaged when I stood on it trying to reach the A/C vent.

I'm going to see how long I can go without furniture first, and then replace it on the cheap. Surely I can find a decent couch at one of the local thrift stores.

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