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Friday, March 4

My Frugal Miser - February Expenses: $2,817

My expenses for February were reasonable. Even though I'm not earning much from the restaurant, I am spending less because I am always there. This means I am rapidly paying off debt. Refreshing!

February Expenses

$704 Auto ($52 for fuel, $652 for 6 months of insurance)
$0 Clothing
$71 Food (we ate out for our anniversary and my sweet tooth tricked me into visiting a bakery)
$10 Entertainment (movies, gambling, alcohol)
$0 Gifts Given
$0 Household (supplies, annual fire dues)
$100 Health Insurance
$134 Medical
$160 Interest on Debt (not including Mortgage Interest)
$0 Miscellaneous
$422 Mortgage Interest (primary residence)
$802 Mortgage Interest (rental properties)
$14 Personal Care
$0 Subscriptions
$113 Taxes
$286 Utilities
$0 Vacation

Total February Expenses : $2,817


  • For the second month my food budget benefited from me working in a restaurant. I also received $170 in free gas from 17 mystery shops I did, which drastically reduced the amount I had to spend on gas.
  • None of my other expenses were out of the ordinary in February.

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