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Monday, March 28

Busy Week Ahead

Business improved last week at the restaurant. Weekends have become solid money makers. This week I will complete my 20 store merchandising route. Yup, I never gave it up. The money is decent and I need it. It will be awfully hard to juggle that with the restaurant. I plan to visit one store on my way to work each day and several stores in the evenings. Hopefully I can complete all 20 stores this week.

I looked at our income statement for the month of March. We are close to breaking even. Of course, my business partner and I are barely taking any pay so that will need to happen soon, so getting into positive territory will still be a challenge. But, it's nice to see that our sales will cover both food cost and labor for the first time this month... and that they cover a substantial part of our other bills.

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