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Monday, March 7

Update on 2011 Goals

Even with a struggling restaurant I have made some progress on my 2011 goals.

I owed $21,839 for my credit card debt at the end of November, 2010 (just before we signed a lease on the restaurant site). Today I owe $18,265.

Car loan
I've also made some small extra payments on my Pontiac G5 loan. At the end of November my balance was $13,415. Today I owe $11,158.

My monthly car payment is $375. I am almost back to having just one outstanding credit card balance, and the minimum payment on it is just over $300. Combined, that's about $700 per month I am paying to service those two debts alone. How liberating it will be when I don't have to worry about those payments anymore!

My original goal was to pay off my car by the end of 2010. Then I changed it to paying it off by the end of April this year. Now it looks like I should just make that goal to pay it off as fast as I can. I don't see it happening by the end of next month!


  1. Just checking in are you OK?

  2. Hi Marilyn, Yes - I'm alive! Been so busy with the restaurant that I haven't been online much.

  3. Just exactly where is your restaurant located? Anywhere off 75 south? My brother is driving to Florida (I'm flying hee, hee) from Ohio, I'd love for him to stop on his way!