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Monday, July 25

End of Month Mystery Shopping

It's the last week of the month, so of course I'm doing a lot of mystery shopping. Why? Bonuses, of course! I like to take advantage of one of the flukes of Corporate America, which is the belief that all activity should be defined by a calendar. It's as though a mystery shop performed on August 2nd has less value than one performed on July 30th. Hey, who am I to complain - it's more money in my pocket.

Yesterday we did four gas stations whose pay ranged from $30 to $40 each. Today I am doing a gas station revealed audit for $40 and a neighboring fast food restaurant for $15, along with a used movie store that had a $3 bonus on it. I am also doing several quick and easy gas stations at the regular price just because each gets me $5 in gas and a pack of gum (plus a $6 fee).

Hopefully there will be some opportunities all week. I am thinking about doing a route of tobacco compliance gas shops this week. I found 6-7 in remote areas that look attractive but am waiting to see if the commissions get bumped up one more time.

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