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Friday, July 29

Still Waiting

Here it is Friday and I haven't heard a thing back from the real estate company about the offer I made on the townhouse. My agent told me that it is a Fannie May foreclosure and they have to review my offer.

This has been a busy week, which I was expecting since it is the end of the month. There have been several bonused mystery shops. As an example, yesterday I was paid $50 to shop a clothing store. It's one of the easiest shops out there - 10 questions, one short narrative of a paragraph or so. Usually the shop does not pay a fee as it is reimbursement-only. I'm not sure why I got so lucky on that one.

Today I am shopping a drive-in restaurant about 22 miles from my house. It is a straight shot down a four lane highway with just a couple red lights so not too bad.

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