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Thursday, February 23

$19 for Unlimited Phone, Text and Data - Republic Wireless Customer User Review

I've been using my Republic Wireless service for two months already and thought I should update you on my experience.  First off, one of my core values is expense reduction:  I am continuously looking at ways to reduce expenses that do not help me generate income.

What I Like

  • Saving Money.  Last year with AT&T I spent around $100/month for my plan.  Now I pay $19 + tax.  I am saving about $80 per month, plus my calls, texts and Internet usage are unlimited.
  • Burning Calories.  One collateral advantage to this new plan is that I am exercising more. Why?  Since I'm not worried about going over on my Internet usage I can stream Pandora and NPR on my phone.  I get excited about walking now since this phone is also an MP3 player.  
  • No contracts.  I had to pay $165 to divorce AT&T.  If things don't work out with Republic I won't have to do that.

What Could Improve

  • Sprint's Coverage.  Republic relies on the Sprint network, which doesn't cover as expansive an area as AT&T.  I've been without service in some areas.
  • Small Annoyances.  I ported my number to Google Voice but when I send a text message it uses the number I was assigned by Republic, so people don't always know it's me.  When I access voicemail I have to enter a password.  I'm not a fan of anything that slows me down.
Overall I'm not looking back.  I have an extra $80/month now to pay off debt... what's there to complain about?

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