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Friday, February 3

My Frugal Miser - January Income: $12,647

January was a great month for income, thanks to my lady Cartier... or rather, thanks to the sale of the two Cartier bracelets.  In fairness I should also mention that starting this year I have added an expense category, Rental Expense.  In the past I have just deducted expenses like repairs from income before reporting it.  So that I can better measure how much I am spending on my properties I have made this change.  This of course will increase the income I report but also increase the expense line.

January Income
$357 Mystery Shopping
$6,361 Rental Income
$5,928 Other Sources
$12,647 Total Income for January

  • I earned $275 from the anthrax vaccine medical study, which is listed in Other Sources.  The study continues but the visit frequency, and consequently my earnings, will decline.
  • Normally I expect Rental Income to be around $6,000 when everything is rented.  I had one tenant pay a $257 late fee (I don't mess around with late payers!).  I also took in $130 from our temporary boarder.  This is a charitable situation where we are helping my partner's sister and should end soon.
  • I earned much more than $357 by mystery shopping, but the income was reduced by expenses I have not yet been reimbursed for.  Also, much of the work I did will be paid in February.

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