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Monday, February 6

My Frugal Miser - February 2012 Goals

I don't normally set monthly goals because I prefer to focus on longer term planning.  I really dislike the shortsightedness I see in Corporate America - one of the main reasons I haven't gone back - so I definitely want to avoid making the same mistakes many companies make under the pressure to perform every quarter.  So, these "goals" are really just a list of the some of the things I'm working on this month.

Tangible Goals

  • Right now I'm working on paying off the Chase Freedom Card.  At one point I owed $30,000 on this card - I used a cheap cash advance for investment funds.  It's down to $8,700 today.  By the end of February I'd like to reduce the balance to $6,000.
  • I will lose 4 pounds in February.  My weight at the end of the month will be 237.
  • I will earn $1,500 from mystery shopping this month.

Not so Tangible Goals

  • I will consciously reduce the amount of electricity we use.  We will watch less TV, I will spend less time mindlessly surfing the Internet, and we will do a better job turning things off.
  • I will read more.
  • I will start disposing of my grandfather's things.  No, he's not dead.  He's in the nursing home and won't be leaving.  His house has been sitting for several months and it's time to do something with it.

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