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Monday, March 26

Common Sense Frugality

I'd like to think that I've found the right balance between making frugal choices and living a "quality" life.  Sometimes I read suggestions on blogs like "make your own deodorant" and "order takeout so you don't have to tip the server" and think how ridiculous it sounds, at least to me.  Really what I think about the person who says it is that surely they have too much free time.

Common Sense Frugality is all about being naturally frugal.  I used to think that I had to use a certain amount of deodorant, for example, or I'd stink.  By drinking a ton of water and cutting out red meat I'd like to think I don't need as much as before.  Even so, who pays more than $1 or $2 for a stick of deodorant, anyway?  I get about six weeks out of one stick and at $2 we're talking less than a nickel a day.   Making my own deodorant doesn't move the needle.

I also tried an experiment where I completely turned off the water to my toilet and used water from my rain barrel instead.  I've since stopped doing it.  It's not that it was a bad idea - there was little effort involved, frankly.  Rather, it's too subtle a change.

You might be asking whether I've abandoned my frugal ways altogether, and the answer to that question is a firm NO.  I've just refined my practices to be both efficient and meaningful.  This week I plan to highlight some of the meaningful ways I practice Common Sense Frugality.

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  1. I think too much frugality is not good. It can irritate your family and friends. It should be practiced as far as it is healthy.