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Friday, March 9

Decent Week

With a new month comes new opportunities, but mystery shopping just isn't as fulfilling lately.  I have done several shops this week but the pay has been low - $5 or $10 for each shops usually.  With gas so high I am barely breaking even.

Instead of banging my head against the wall I've made the most of the situation.  I had to have the bathtub replaced at one of my properties.  That type of work is more than I want to take on so I hired someone.  To save a little I agreed to finish the drywall and paint.  When I finish my tenant will have an almost new bathroom.  It feels good to do some manual labor.

I also visited my grandfather in the nursing home and mowed his lawn.  He is a little more than an hour away and has a fair sized lawn.  I combined this trip with four mystery shops and made a day out of it.

My partner is off work today so I probably won't do too many shops.  There is a clothing store shop on the other side of town and I have a couple of coupons for a free movie at a theater in that area so we might do that.

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