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Friday, March 2

My Frugal Miser - February Income: $9,667

I wish I could clone February, financially speaking.  Last month I took in a healthy sum of money and spent just a small amount.  That's a combination I can retire on!   Tomorrow I will take a look at my spending, so today let's took a look at where the money came from.

February Income
$2,381 Mystery Shopping
$7,071 Rental Income
$215 Other Sources
$9,667 Total Income for February

  • I am quite satisfied with my mystery shopping income, but most of the income was earned in January.  February was a slower month and the income I report next month will reflect that.
  • Late fees are my friend!  Normally I expect Rental Income to be around $6,000 when everything is rented.  I had one tenant pay a $155 late fee (last month another tenant paid $257!).  I also took in $180 from our temporary boarder and a tenant who was $200 behind got caught up. Finally, one tenant prepaid part of his March rent.
Taking in a temporary roommate is making a difference.  $180 isn't a lot of money but it covers the major utilities at my house, freeing up cash for debt reduction.

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