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Wednesday, July 18

Feeling Overwhelmed

Today (Wednesday) is the first slow day I have had in a while.  By slow I mean I only have two mystery shops scheduled and I don't have any outstanding issues at my properties.

Yesterday I completed 11 mystery shops and I repaired an air conditioner.  As luck would have it the Summer of 2012 has been the summer of constant HVAC repairs.  I've had to repair or replace the units at 3 of my rentals in the last 60 days, and the expense has killed my cash flow.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm doing some bonused shops on a route north of me.  It's only 4 shops but I'm making about $100.  At 3:00 a potential tenant is coming by to look at the house.

August gets even crazier.  Between trying to move and getting my recently vacated properties rented I will be  on the road a good bit.

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