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Monday, July 9

Update from Orlando

It's been a busy but fun several days.  We spent last week in Clearwater, FL looking at houses.  I made an offer on one house but was outbid and am waiting to hear back about an offer I made on another house.  It is unsettling that home buyers in the Tampa Bay area don't seem to have learned any lessons from the housing collapse.  What I have found is that buyers are bidding more than the asking price on these homes.  Once again, insanity.  The first offer I made was at the asking price because I really wanted that house.  At the asking price mine was the third best offer.  Ridiculous.

Today I am doing a time share mystery shop.  This will be my first time share shop so I am nervous.  It is recorded so I'm mostly nervous that I'll run into technical issues and my shop won't be accepted.  Hopefully my anxiety is unfounded because this is an extremely lucrative shop.  I'll probably write more about it this week.

I've done several shops while we have been in the area.  Most of the gas for the rental car has been free and most of the meals are free, too.  I only shopped one hotel so I am coming out of pocket on lodging.

The trip is quickly winding down:  we fly home Wednesday afternoon.  Fortunately, I did plan a day of fun before we leave.  Tomorrow we are visiting Sea World.  I redeemed Hilton Honors points for our passes so the admission is free.  The hotel provides a shuttle so we won't have to pay for parking, either.  If that weren't enough, I am mystery shopping a restaurant for lunch that is walking distance from Sea World.

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  1. I've recorded some of my shops. It really helps to go back and get quotes right. It's great for time keeping purposes too. I use a recorder that looks like a jump drive. I wear it around my neck, under my shirt and it plugs right into the usb port. Cost under $15 too.