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Monday, July 30

Moving Checklist

The move is scheduled for August 21st.  Any move can be overwhelming, but since my new home is over 500 miles away, and I am leaving my income stream (rental properties) in Alabama, I'm especially concerned about whether I can get everything done.  I decided to document what needs to happen for this to be a successful move:

  • Close on the house in Florida:  DONE
  • Get the house I live in now rented:  DONE (WOOHOO!)
  • Get condo rented:  Meeting with potential tenants Tuesday.
  • Close on new townhouse in Birmingham:  Scheduled for Wednesday.
  • Get new townhouse rented:  Not started.
  • Decide what to do with townhouse #2:  In process.
The reason I haven't posted in more than a week is because of how much is going on.  Last week I drove to Clearwater and back to buy the house down there.  On Sunday I finalized the lease with the tenants who will be taking over my current home (bonus:  they agreed to a 30-month lease-purchase option and will handle most maintenance and repairs themselves).  

I've also been fielding emails from the ad for the condo.  Tonight I meet with the departing tenants to make sure the condo is in good condition; tomorrow I have at least four potential tenants coming by to see the condo.  Then on Wednesday I am buying another townhouse.  I'm hoping that the overwhelming response I received for the condo will spill over and that I can show the new townhouse to some of the people coming by to see the condo.  

If that weren't enough, I have another townhouse that I will probably have to get rented.  The current tenant lost her 9 year old daughter so I have been slow to do anything.  She emailed at the beginning of the month and told me she would be moving out and did not have the rent for July because of the funeral expenses.  It's a sensitive issue.  

I haven't even mentioned my grandfather's house.  I've neglected to do anything about either renting it or selling it.

Needless to say, I have to cut way back on mystery shopping.  I have a bonused route to do this weekend and a luxury hotel in Atlanta to shop on the 17th.  Otherwise I will be very picky about what I do.

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