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Monday, August 6

Moving Checklist : Update #2

I'm loving the fast pace of life these days.  Things are just crazy.  Originally I intended to scale way back on mystery shopping, but I've been able to do quite a bit because everything else on the to-do list is getting marked off faster than I expected.

Last Friday I signed a lease on the new townhouse.  This is a serious accomplishment because - get this - I signed a lease on it the day after I bought it.  I was fortunate that a tenant who wanted to rent my condo chose instead to rent the townhouse, so I didn't even have to advertise it for rent.

Also last Friday I cleared out just about everything from my grandfather's house.  We cut the grass and then helped Salvation Army load their donation truck.  I also met with a property manager and will most likely list my grandfather's house with a management company so that I don't have to fool with it.  It is an older house and will require more ongoing maintenance than my other properties, so I would rather just hire someone to deal with it.

Over the weekend I was busy with mystery shops and merchandising jobs.  I earned over $400 in two days, and my legs are sore from all the work.  Today I am shopping 11 auto parts stores ($121) and doing 4 menu board audits ($28).  

  • Close on the house in Florida:  DONE
  • Get the house I live in now rented:  DONE
  • Get condo rented:  DONE
  • Close on new townhouse in Birmingham:  DONE
  • Get new townhouse rented:  DONE
  • Decide what to do with townhouse #2:  Started eviction process on Friday, 8/3.
That's right, I've been forced to do an eviction.  Right now I am in the 7 day window where I've posted a notice on my tenant's door letting her know she has to pay up or get out.  If she is still there after a week I will have to file with my county courthouse.  That's expensive so I am hoping the notice will do the trick.

Next week I go to Chicago.  I am part of a consumer advocacy panel for a major retailer and am attending their semi-annual meeting.  The nice thing about this is that the company pays all my expenses.


  1. That Chicago gig sounds nice. Did you get that because of your history of mystery shopping?

  2. I'm not sure if that's how they found me or not. I think it is - this is a retailer I shop for - but I don't remember if that's how or if it was from some survey I answered.

    It's a nice project though. They also sent me a $150 gift card and asked me to use it to paint a room and take photos.