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Friday, August 24

View from the New Office

View from the 3rd Floor of Clearwater Library
Until I break down and purchase home Internet service, my office overlooks a park and Old Clearwater Bay.  A short walk across the bridge leads to Clearwater Beach and the Gulf of Mexico.

The library is a 30 minute walk from the house.  I can also walk to the grocery store, bank, dozens of restaurants, the historic Capitol Theatre, and so much more.  Soon I will purchase a used bicycle.  With that I can just about go anywhere I need to go.

I moved from a home in the outer suburbs.  Outside that neighborhood there were no sidewalks and it was a 20 minute drive just to buy groceries.

Today marks a New Beginning for this Frugal Miser.  I'm going to get in shape, pay off my debts, and be happier.


  1. How's the slow carb going? I read the 4 Hour Body too and have lost 11 pounds since the 8th of this month. Tomorrow is my second cheat day. I'm thinking pizza. and donuts.

  2. Good luck.

    I need to make a new beginning too. My last attempt stalled out pretty quickly, but I am going to start again. Maybe we can inspire each other.

    The library where I was trying to use the internet for the past week had very slow internet. That and the heat lead me to take a break from van living. I'm back at my mom's for now. My plan is to leave again in a week.