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Monday, September 10

Exciting Week Ahead

I'm glad the weekend is over.  As someone who fulfills his commitments even when it's extremely inconvenient, I drove to Birmingham and back to complete a merchandising route I forgot to cancel.  It was 17 stores and the pay was decent enough that I don't feel too bad, but it wore me out.  In total I drove nearly 1,500 miles in 3 days.

This week is much easier, and more exciting.  Tomorrow and Wednesday I am working half days at a convention at a Disney hotel.  I've signed up for a couple mystery shops in Orlando to help justify the travel.  On Saturday we are driving to Savannah for the Elton John concert.  I'm shopping a hotel so our lodging is covered.  Hopefully we can complete some shops over the weekend to make the trip worthwhile.

Other than that, this will be an easy week.  I plan to get some exercise using my new bicycle.  Mystery shopping will be slow this week, but I have 25 gas station audits to complete next week.

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  1. That was a lot of driving. I hope you enjoy your easy week.