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Wednesday, September 12

Maybe Not Such an Easy Week

Plans for the week changed.  I woke up in Atlanta this morning after a grueling drive last night that got me to my hotel at 1:30 in the morning.  I am working a booth at an oncology conference instead of the meeting I was originally scheduled to do in Orlando.  The pay is much better, which is why I accepted the offer.  Atlanta isn't exactly on the way to Savannah, but since we were already planning to be in Savannah this weekend I guess I'm a bit closer now.

The conference I am working is this afternoon, all day tomorrow and Friday morning.  From there we will head to Savannah for the weekend.  The Elton John concert isn't until Saturday evening, so leaving from Atlanta on Friday afternoon means we can spend the day Saturday exploring the sites in historic Savannah, Georgia.

I plan to write more about doing conference work.  It's a nice way to make extra money.  I don't know exactly what I'll be doing today, but the money is good.  I have to wear a suit (ugh!), but being around a bunch of doctors shouldn't be too tough.


  1. I bet it's the standing that's the hardest part. Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy.

    1. You're exactly right, Pat. Today was just 4 hours, but it was all on my feet, standing in one place. Tomorrow will be even worse - 7 AM - 6 PM. It's more the monotony of standing in one place than the physical strain, at least today.