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Tuesday, September 4

Settling In

I'm starting to like my new home.  Last week we bought bicycles and I am absolutely loving it.  Because Pinellas County is so dense, I am finding most everything I need can be had without moving the car.  In fact, I have only had to drive to do mystery shops.  There are two libraries within 3 miles, several grocery stores, restaurants, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and much more.  I have already begun losing weight.  Soon I'll start posting updates on my weight loss if I can keep up the momentum.

I haven't been posting often because I still haven't signed up for Internet service.  Between the libraries, McDonald's and Starbucks, I'm never more than a mile away from a connection.  Today was the first day I had shops to enter.  The connection at the library is so much faster than what I used to have at home that I'm saving both time and money.

I'm still working on getting my feet more firmly planted in Clearwater and less so in Birmingham.  I have a merchandising route that I didn't want to give up that will bring me back this weekend.  I'm also working a conference in Orlando and one in Atlanta this month, and attending a concert in Savannah next week.  Guess I haven't quite given up the frantic pace.

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