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Saturday, December 1

Ways to Make Extra Money : Hospitality Work as an Airport Greeter

Today and the last two days I have been working a hospitality job in Atlanta.  There are many types of hospitality jobs so let me explain what I've been doing.  This particular assignment requires me to "meet and greet" people attending a meeting.  For the first two days I worked at the Atlanta airport for a total of 18 hours.  There were fewer than 30 guests arriving at different times and my job was to hold up a sign at the arrivals lobby and take the guest to his chauffeur.  Today I am working five hours at the hotel where the meeting was held.  I will be making sure the guests are all taken back to the airport at their designated time.

This work is easy, but it is definitely not for everyone.  Yesterday I worked 13 hours (I could have chosen fewer hours... but I like to make money and long hours never bother me).  About 25 guests arrived yesterday, which means about two guests per hour arrived at the airport.  Imagine standing on a non-carpeted floor, in the same spot, for 13 hours straight.  Now, I did have some down time, particular in the last couple of hours where there were longer gaps between arrivals.  In that down time I was able to grab a snack, stretch and charge my phone.  The pay is much better than minimum wage, and since I am a contractor I can deduct expenses from my pay so that the entire amount isn't counted as income.

I do hospitality work through Buckalew Hospitality.  There are many other companies that offer this type of work, but all my jobs have been through Buckalew (he has some high end hotel mystery shops, also).  The type of work varies, from well-paying to lower end.  This year I have worked a trade show booth for a pharmaceutical company, staffed a registration desk at an engineer's training conference, and next week will be staffing a desk at a hotel for a pharmaceutical meeting.  Usually the higher paying jobs are the ones where I am unsupervised.  Obviously these jobs come after you have proven yourself and can be trusted, so it is usually easiest to get the lower paying jobs at first.

My stay in Atlanta will come to a close shortly.  Tonight I am mystery shopping a limited service extended stay hotel.  Because of its limited service, the report looks easy:  I take photos of the room, kitchen and bathroom as well as an exterior shot of the entrance.  I also rate the cleanliness of several specific items and the service I receive at the front desk.  Because of its limited service, there are no staff interactions besides check-in and check-out.  I also do not have to rate any food service since there is none.  This worked out well.  My hospitality job ends at 8 PM tonight, so I will be tired and it will be late.  I needed a place to stay, so it's a free night.

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  1. That sounds like an interesting way to make a little extra money. It is too bad they don't have any shops in my area.