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Wednesday, June 19

End of Quarter = Mystery Shopping Road Trip

The middle part of June has been dreadfully slow, but I suspected there would be a pickup in activity as the second quarter comes to a close.  I am leaving this morning on a combined mystery shopping/rental property road trip.  I won't return home until Wednesday of next week.

The foundation for my trip will be tire rotations.  Sixteen of them.  Each shop has been bonused for a  fee ranging from $66 to $86, plus full reimbursement for the service.  I like these shops for two reasons:  first, the shop usually includes a free multi-point inspection of my vehicle.  Ever needed a second opinion?  Well, I am getting 15 second opinions.  It lets me know if there are any valid issues that require repair.  Second, the shops are at car dealerships, most of whom offer free Internet.  While waiting on my vehicle I can usually complete a large part of my report on site.

I am also completing several gas station audits.  My goal will be to get free gas for the entire trip.  I will pick up other shops as I stumble upon them.

The reason I was able to create this route was because I need to go to Birmingham.  I'm beginning to really dislike managing my rental properties remotely, but I am committed to doing the best I can to keep happy, paying tenants in my houses.  One of my tenants passed away earlier this month, so I have the unfortunate task of cleaning out her townhouse and getting it ready to rent again.  She died in the house, so I am hoping there are no stinky surprises waiting for me.  Her boyfriend, a long time acquaintance of mine, was there when it happened so fortunately the coroner removed the body promptly.  Needless to say, that property is getting all new floors, new paint and a thorough scrubbing.  I have never dealt with this type of situation but I know if I were looking for a new home I would be especially concerned with cleanliness after such an event.


  1. I have been reading your blog for months now, and enjoying it very much. I'd love to hear more about your grandpa and your relationship with him...

    BTW, are you going to tell future renters about your tenant dying in the condo?
    Also, did you have trouble getting rid of the boyfriend? (I got the feeling he was going to argue that he should be able to stay...)

  2. Cindy, Glad you enjoy it. I will hire a management company to lease the townhouse and will let them decide what needs to be said.

    Fortunately, the tenant died in her bed and her fiance was home when it happened, so the body was removed quickly. Still, I removed all the carpet, scrubbed the place down and am painting it.

    My grandfather and I were closer when I was a kid, but he was definitely a role model. Maybe I will post something about the things I learned from him.

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