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Wednesday, June 26

Meandering Home

What a week it has been.  Since last Wednesday I have earned over $1,200 from mystery shopping.  Tonight I checked into a motel in rural south Alabama; I will make it back to Clearwater some time tomorrow night.

The foundation of the shops were vehicle service visits.  I have completed 14 and will do the final 2 tomorrow.  The scheduler who helped me with creating the route has already asked if I would be up for another trip in the next couple of weeks.  Most of the visits have been easy.  At one of the shops the mechanic broke off the metal stud that holds one of the bolts that secures my tires.  Even though it almost certainly was due to the mechanic's power tools, I ended up footing the nearly $100 charge to replace the stud.  I tried to get reimbursed for that but the mystery shopping company said "No go."

I've done several other shops to fill in my time and may have even more deadline gas stations to do on the way home.  I am waiting for the company to approve my incentive request.

Of course, I put this trip together because one of my tenants passed away and I needed to work on that property.  Her fiance is someone I have known for quite some time.  He doesn't have many options for alternative housing but does understand he cannot stay at the house.  The whole situation is complicated, but I am helping him out and will leave it at that.  Seeing his emotional state (and accompanying tears) brought out my softer side.

Nonetheless, I have to return soon to continue working on the townhouse.  This eight day trip was enough for one time and I am ready to be home, even if only for a few days.  I imagine next week I will cobble together another route and make it back to Birmingham, but nothing is concrete right now.

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