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Saturday, January 18

Mystery Shopping and Landlording

This week I've done over 100 mystery shops.  I spent two days in Jacksonville working on a statewide route I accepted for 2014.  That route is 150+ gas station audits.  They are very simple audits (ten minutes onsite, about 6 minutes reporting) but they only pay $10 + $1 reimbursement.  I do receive a small route bonus once the route is completed.

I have had a handful of other shops this week, including shopping for health insurance, a hotel shop for my Jacksonville trip, and a couple of restaurants.

Next week is looking to be a slow one, but hopefully the companies will begin offering bonuses on January shops.

All in all, the month of January isn't looking too bad.  One tenant had fallen behind on their December rent but ended up paying that with late fees as well as the January rent (a day early!) all at once.  My tenant at Townhouse #3 gave me a partial payment but he is still way behind.  This is the tenant I began to evict last month.  The drama continues with the two townhouses that just became occupied.  These are the two I hired a management company for.  There have been a number of repairs I have been billed for in the last three weeks, with no clear explanation for what needed to be repaired.  I am quickly losing confidence in this management company.


  1. Hey! Hope you are having a great morning! Is there any way of contacting you regarding questions? I hope so! Please let me know..I am following your blog now. I love it.

  2. OMG you did over 100 mystery shops in one week? That's a lot! I've also been a mystery shopper for more than a year now, but I did like 20 mystery shops in a year lol! How much driving did you have to do, and how much did you make in total?

    I've never done gas stations though (I don't drive, saves a lot of money). I usually do restaurants. I get a free meal or 50% off. I find places close to school, or places I usually go or wanna try anyway, so it doesn't feel like I am doing anything extra! Although the company I found (called SQM; ) has bunch of other stuff too, including flight deals, hotels, etc. I'm up in Canada, but I think they have assignments going on for US as well. The actual evaluations I did were online, so they did not take long. I did several pizza restaurants (I love pizza!), and even did a few fancy restaurants, and did not pay anything! It's actually amazing that you get these kinda deals, but I guess this kinda market research is important for companies, so you are doing them a service by evaluating their actual customer service.