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Monday, February 24

Closing Out a Crazy Busy Month

I never guessed I would have so much mystery shopping work this month.  I have worked almost every day.  The pay has been mediocre so I haven't set any records for income this month, but I'm not complaining.  Tomorrow I am staffing an evening meeting, plus I am returning some auto parts (a purchase then return mystery shop), and possibly visiting some bank branches, depending on how much time I have.

February was the first month I have done vehicle negotiation shops.  These are different than the standard car dealership jobs where you go through the sales process.  I am not rating the salesperson; I am strictly there to negotiate the lowest possible price I can on a specific vehicle.   In a way it is nice - no test drive, no sales presentation - and most of the time is spent in the dealership going over numbers.  The pay is better, too, but it does require two visits, which limits my ability to shop out of the area.

In less than a month we leave for my Hawaii mystery shopping trip.

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  1. Those vehicle negotiation shops sound interesting, although I probably wouldn't like doing them. You doing a good job of finding different shops and staying busy.