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Sunday, February 16

Sleeping in my Chevy

After a long 17 hours of work, I have resigned myself to resting in the S-10 for the night.  Today I completed 23 gas station audits and I have 22 remaining to complete this massive route.   A couple of times this afternoon the truck started hesitating when I would accelerate.  As I headed to my last stop of the day, the engine shut off when I started to accelerate from a red light.  There was some popping sound from beneath the hood, too.  Sounded scary.  I was able to start the vehicle back up and when I made it to my last stop I bought some fuel injection cleaner.  I have no idea if that will help, but I made it one mile further to the Chevrolet dealership.  It was closed, but I found a parking space in front of the service center and am camped here for the night.

I am debating whether I should try to finish my route tomorrow and try to drive home, or if I should have the mechanics evaluate the vehicle.  The safe thing to do would be the latter - I'm already in the parking lot so no risk of breaking down.  But I am sure they will charge a diagnostic fee of nearly $100 just to tell me what the problem is.  I could take my chances and hope the fuel injection cleaner did the trick.  My route is in a dense area spanning from West Palm Beach to just north of Fort Lauderdale.  That's good since help will always be near; not so good that I will be navigating traffic in a truck that is acting up.

Ever the frugal miser, I am sleeping in the truck tonight .  It isn't the perfect setup - I can't lie flat so I won't sleep very well.  But when I looked at hotels, the cost of one night was going to be almost as much as I earned today.  Truth be told, I was already debating sleeping in the truck before it started acting funny, which is why I did not book a hotel room.


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    1. Thanks! It wasn't so bad. I didn't get much sleep, but a hotel in Boca Raton would have cost $200+ and I have other things I'd rather do with that kind of cash.