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Monday, May 26

Back to the (Mystery Shopping) Grind

We returned from Vegas on Saturday evening.  Wasting no time, I spent Sunday in the Gainesville, FL area doing gas station audits.  Because today is Memorial Day there aren't many shops I am allowed to do, but we are doing a bar integrity audit at lunch.  Then tomorrow morning I leave for two days in Jacksonville for gas station audits.  It sucks that I have to travel so far for work, but my area has so much competition that I have to do this to earn a living.

On Thursday I am finally closing on the new house.  Then on Saturday we leave for Orlando.  We are working a hospitality meeting there for four days, followed by a day in Daytona to audit more gas stations.  When we return to Clearwater I have two days worth of work lined up (more gas stations!) and then the mystery shopping calendar clears up a bit.  This is good because getting the new house in order will be my top priority.  There's so much that needs to be done there.

I'll post more about our Vegas trip later.  The good news is that in two weeks I only lost $100 gambling.

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