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Friday, November 28

Huge Gift Card Deal at Winn-Dixie Ends Tonight

Winn-Dixie has a Black Friday special on the purchase of gift cards that can also be combined with a free appliance program and credit card multiplier.  Here's how I saved:

  • Every $50 you buy in retailer gift cards (I bought Amazon, Lowe's, and Regal Cinemas) earns you a $.25/gallon discount at Shell (worth $5 if you buy 20 gallons).  That's a 10% rebate on your gift card purchase.
  • For every $10 you spend at Winn-Dixie, you earn 1 point towards a free small appliance (blender, toaster oven, coffee maker, crock-pot, etc.).  Spend $600 on gift cards to earn the 60 points needed for a free appliance.
  • Use a credit card with a grocery store multiplier.  My Hilton Honors American Express gives me 5 points per dollar spent at the grocery store.

I bought $1,200 worth of gift cards, mostly to Lowe's since I am still remodeling the house.  For that, I earned $120 in free gas ($.25/gallon * 24 increments of $50 * 20 gallons), a free coffee maker and blender, and 6,000 Hilton Honors points.  Sweet deal!  The only caveat is that I have to redeem my gas credits by December 31.

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