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Sunday, January 11

Week in Review and Looking Ahead

It's been cold across America this last week, and even in Florida temperatures dipped into the low 40s on Thursday.  Fortunately it never stays cold for long here!

Last week we worked four days in Orlando at an Aerospace conference.  It was 32 hours in all and we kept our expenses low.  We only spent $98 for three nights in a hotel and a little on food.  This conference we were provided no meals (most of the time they feed us).  Also last week I shopped nine gas stations, a college bookstore and a movie theater.

This week I am shopping four college bookstores and doing a takeout shop at a Mexican restaurant.  On Tuesday I have jury duty.  It's the first time to serve here in Florida, but I think I only have to be there one day unless I am on an actual jury for a trial that lasts longer than that.  When I last did jury duty in Alabama I was on two trials that consumed four days.

The next couple of weeks appear to be really slow.  We are working another four day conference on the 26th, but until then there are many empty days on the calendar.  In February it looks like we will have to travel to Birmingham.  A long-time tenant is planning to move out on the 14th so we will visit to make repairs.  I am leaning towards selling this property instead of re-renting it.


  1. It has been super cold here. I wish I was in Florida. Maybe I can make that happen next winter.

    1. You definitely should. Even though it was in the 40s on Thursday, by yesterday we were back into the high 70s during the day. I love being able to ride my bicycle at 6 in the morning wearing shorts and a t-shirt!