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Saturday, January 17

My Frugal Miser - Reviewing My 2014 Goals.

I failed in 2014.  I set four goals, but I only achieved one of them.  I did make progress on each, and am glad that I lost weight last year, even if it was only 5 pounds.

  • #1:  Lose 12 pounds.  I ended the year at 229 pounds, which means I only lost 5 pounds.
  • #2:  Increase net worth by $75,000.  That was too lofty, but my net worth increased respectfully.
  • #3:  Spend less than $20,000.  What I did not plan for was beginning a major remodel for the house I bought at the end of June.  Taking no exclusions for that, we spent more than $53,000.  If you leave out the remodeling costs, we were around $31,000 in spending last year.
  • #4:  Take an international trip.  Accomplished.  We spent three weeks in Ecuador in September. 

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  1. You accomplished one goal and made progress on the other three so I think you did pretty good. Let's hope you do even better in 2015.

    1. Thanks, Andy... too bad the only goal I accomplished last year was the fun one.