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Wednesday, July 15

All Those Gas Station Mystery Shops Make Sense Now

Last week I had nearly 80 gallons of gas stored in the shed.  It feels so good to use it up, and the free gas has kept my driving costs down.  This is one way I will make driving for Uber just a little more profitable.  Unfortunately, I just ran out of reserves and will have to start paying for gas once again.  At the end of this month I have enough shops lined up to fill up my tank twice, so I do have that to look forward to.

Mystery shopping has taken a backseat to Uber, but that's fine by me.  I needed a break.  Besides, the biggest advantage I see with Uber versus mystery shopping is that the job comes to me.  With mystery shopping, I have to search several job boards looking for work.  Then I have to prepare for the job, whether that be reviewing guidelines, printing paperwork, or creating cheat sheets on my phone.  Plus there is all the reporting done afterwards, including uploading photos and writing narratives.  With Uber, if I want to work, all I do is turn on the app and wait for a ping.  When I am done for the day, there's nothing left to do but review my pay statement and update my mileage log.

Our cabinets are being delivered today, and we are itching to get the kitchen back together.  We still won't have countertops.  That is a custom job that I am hiring out and the installers won't take the measurements until I have the cabinets in place.

Next Friday I have an overnight security job through one of my hospitality companies.  Then on Sunday we begin a 3 day meeting in Orlando.  On our return, I have those gas station shops to complete, then we fly to Virginia the following Friday to shop a timeshare.  We'll be gone a week, so it should feel like a real vacation (the shop won't take but 2-3 hours of my time).

I'm in a happy spot right now.  I'm glad I found Uber, even if the pay is less than I thought it would be.

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