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Thursday, July 9

Making Money and Getting Free Stuff by Opening Accounts (an Update)

Back in February I decided to play the bonus game by opening up new bank accounts and credit cards just to obtain the rewards offered to new members.  I've been fairly active with this goal:

  • Last week I opened the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Card.  Just for opening the account I will receive a free night in a Marriott-branded hotel.  After I spend $2,000 in 3 months, I will receive 70,000 Marriott rewards points (up to 9 free nights).
  • In June I opened a Chase IHG rewards card.  After spending $1,000 on the card I received 70,000 IHG points (valued at up to 14 free nights).
  • Earlier this year I opened a Chase Ink Business Rewards account.  The reward here was huge:  50,000 rewards points (worth $500 cash or $625 in travel) after meeting the spending threshold.  I used my SSN, so actually owning a small business is not necessary.
  • I opened an account with TD Bank and received a Fitbit Flex.  Normally that wouldn't be quite enough to get me to open an account, but it also enabled me to sign up for TD Bank mystery shops.
  • In January I was paid $125 to open a business savings account at Bank of America.  Last week I earned $65 for opening a checking account there.  These were both mystery shops and I don't plan to keep the accounts.
I'm still looking for opportunities to do this.  Normally Chase has an offer to open a checking account - I've seen it as high as $200 cash.  The offer isn't valid right now so I'm sitting on the sidelines ready to pounce when it is available again.

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