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Monday, July 1

My Frugal Miser - June Income: $8,548

June was a great month for work, but two meeting jobs will be paid in July, which means my income looks artificially low.  I worked meetings in Orlando, Chicago, Buford, GA and Las Vegas.  When I was home, I did Amazon deliveries.

Rental income, $3,370, was offset by one of my old management companies recapturing rent they should have forwarded to the new owner for a townhouse I sold earlier this year.  All my rental properties are occupied with rent current.  Airbnb bookings were solid, with only one vacant day and three days I intentionally blocked from reservations. 

July is going to be a decent month, but meeting season has virtually stopped for me.  Last July I worked more meeting jobs.  The Airbnb is mostly booked except the last week of July.  We will be on vacation for a week later in the month so Amazon income will take a hit.

June Income: $8,548

$0 Mystery Shopping
$1,160 Meeting Jobs
$230 Gig Apps (Rideshare, Scooter Charging, etc.)
$703 Amazon Deliveries
$3,370 Rental Income
$3,021 Airbnb Income
$63 Interest Income
$0 Other Sources

Investment Accounts Change in Value:  $16,526

June was an amazing month for my stock investments.  I've been moving cash from stocks to CD's though because I feel the market has gotten expensive.  

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