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Monday, July 8

Progress Towards Goals, Mid Year Update

I've always set goals - the accountability gives me focus.  Even when I don't achieve a goal, it's nice to have a written list of what I'd like to do. 

Here are my goals for 2019

  • Financial:  DEBT:  Pay off student loans.  Then begin paying off mortgage on rental property.
I'm well on my way to paying off my student loans.  This will likely be done before the end of summer.  
  • Personal Improvement:  Lose 20 pounds.
I've done okay so far this year.  I've lost close to 10 pounds.  We cut back on alcohol, which has made a big difference.  Probably cut about 90% of our alcohol consumption.  Now, I may have one beer or one glass of wine a couple times a week.  It's helped my waistline and my pocketbook.
  • Simplify:  Get rid of material things I don't use.  Eliminate unnecessary financial accounts.
I closed out my HSA, a savings account, and a credit card.  I'm actively drawing down my Prosper balance.  This week we loaded up a bunch of stuff to take to Goodwill.  It's been 11 months now since I've had a car payment.  Yes, the car is getting older (190,000 miles).  But whenever I get the urge to buy a new car, I remember how nice it is to not have a monthly payment.
  • Spending:  Spend less on food by eating out less often.
We are definitely eating out less, and of course when we do eat out, we normally don't buy alcohol anymore.

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  1. I also like goals that are written down. Life is just not as much fun if I don't set goals.