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Wednesday, November 9

$19 for Unlimited Phone, Text and Data - Republic Wireless

Wow!  This morning I read about Republic Wireless, which apparently opened its doors to customers yesterday.  This isn't some scam or gimmick - they really are offering unlimited, no-contract plans for $19 + tax.  You have to order a phone through them - the LG Optimus - which is $199, but if you use the promo code "welcome 19" they will knock $100 off the cost of the phone.  When I signed up I was advised that it may be 30-60 days before the phone ships.

Join Now  (Note: This isn't a referral and I am not being paid to tell you about this)

How can they afford this?  I'm no technophile, but apparently they use wifi networks whenever available to mitigate network costs.  The rest of the time they are part of the Sprint network.  You have to agree to connect at least one wireless network to the phone, which for me is not a problem as even my current phone with AT&T is connected to my home wireless network.  They also reserve the right to cancel your account if you are too heavy a user, but I read that you can use up to 550 minutes, send 150 texts and transmit 300 mg of data (all while being OFF the wireless networks) before you cross the line, and even when you cross the line you are given ample warnings.  I don't use that now so no problems there.

Visit the Yahoo News Page Where I Discovered This Deal

I'll keep everyone posted on when I receive my phone and how easy it is to get started.


  1. This looks interesting but since I only pay $26 a month on Virgin Mobile the savings aren't enough to justify a switch.

  2. If I recall, you were grandfathered in on a sweet deal, weren't you? Hopefully this new deal works out and they put some pressure on all the carriers to lower their prices. I'm all for paying less!

  3. I am very interested in knowing how this phone plays out. I am a few months away from being out of contract and am looking at this or a few of the Tmobile plans ($30 walmart plan w/100 min + unl data... think G voice) or the Value plan where you buy your phone outright.

    Thanks and keep blogging!

  4. @Ericm - thanks for writing and for reading my blog. I will make sure to post updates about the phone and the service. Right now they are going through the typical start up hiccups but I'm confident they will get the kinks out.

  5. Now that Republic is out of Beta, they even have a $5 and $10/mo plan! I just switched from Verizon and couldn't be happier with it.

    If you want to try it out, just use this link to save (both of us) $19: