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Monday, November 14

Last Day In Vegas

I'm surprised how quickly this trip is coming to an end.  Tomorrow morning I head home.  Then, early Wednesday morning, we are heading to the Tampa Bay/Orlando area for a mystery shopping trip.

I've given up on this Martingale strategy.  It hasn't worked for me.  In fact, I gambled away more than I budgeted by trying to follow it.  The good news is I am under budget on some of the other categories.

Every time I've visited Las Vegas over the last few years I have had this frugal idea that I have been too scared to consummate.  I read a lot of blogs about vandwelling/RV living and there is something about the nomad lifestyle that appeals to me.   The reason visiting Las Vegas reminds me of this is because there are so many inexpensive hotel rooms.  It almost seems possible to live solely in hotel rooms in this area for under $700 per month, which obviously would include all utilities and a bonus - something I don't have at home - cable TV.

My rental properties have become my golden handcuffs.

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