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Thursday, April 19

Moving to Florida, Part 2

There are two reasons I think this time I really will move to Florida.  The first is probably obvious:  I want to diversify my real estate holdings.  Most of my houses are in Jefferson County, Alabama, which recently filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in history.  While this doesn't raise any immediate concerns, I am aware of certain risks.  My county isn't bringing in adequate revenues to pay its bills.  There's bound to be collateral damage - more potholes, worsening schools, higher property taxes, a less friendly business climate.  Each of these could hurt my rental business.

But there's a second, more pressing issue I hope to address by moving.  My weight is more than it ever has been.  I'm stuck in a rut.  The last time I lost any meaningful weight I did so by drastically changing my environment.  It makes sense, right?  Doesn't an alcoholic have to sever ties with his nightly drinking buddies in order to stop drinking?  Similarly, I need to break my routine and bring myself to a place more conducive to physical activity.

If moving to Florida means that I can get in shape, that alone bests all financial motives to make this move.

In 2007, the obesity rate in Pinellas County, FL was 26.3%.  In my county, it's 31.1%.  It's not a huge difference. but it's a start.

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