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Monday, April 2

My Frugal Miser - March Income: $8,256

March was another sold month to a solid first quarter of 2012.  I earned much more than I spent and was able to accelerate debt payments.  Tomorrow I will take a look at my spending, so today let's took a look at where the money came from.

March Income
$1,149 Mystery Shopping
$6,931 Rental Income
$176 Other Sources
$8,256 Total Income for March

  • Because much of my mystery shopping income in earned in the prior month, I didn't bring in the $1,500 I was hoping to for shopping as February was a slow month.  Things picked up in March which will be reflected in April and May numbers.
  • I took in $120 in late fees on my properties.  The rest of the rental income is from normal rent, although I should note that $125 is from our temporary roommate.   I also had a tenant prepay his April rent.  Normally I expect Rental Income to be around $6,000 when everything is rented. 

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