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Tuesday, October 20

Downgraded Internet Plan: $35/monthly savings!

 Maybe this is common knowledge for most people, but did you know that you have to be hard-wired (ethernet cabled) into your Internet in order to reach the advertised speeds?  Wireless routers are only capable of a fraction of the speed you are paying for.

About a year ago I increased the Internet speed at the Airbnb.  The TV in the living room was buffering, so I blamed it on the slow speed.  I later learned I just needed a range extender; speed was not the issue.  As so often happens with recurring expenses, it slipped my mind that I had upgraded the plan and was paying more.  

I've been taking a look at all my recurring expenses when I stumbled on this one.   I was paying for the fastest possible speed, but getting none of it because everything is wireless, so the speed was already capped.  To sweeten the deal, I told the representative I was thinking about canceling so that I could get an even better rate than first quoted.  

Bottom line:  I reduced the monthly fee from $70 to $35, and all it took was a 10 minute phone call.  That's a $35/mo savings!


  1. You are on a roll! Nice monthly savings for a few minutes of work.

    1. Thanks, Kim! It's getting harder to find things to cut, but I'm not done yet...