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Wednesday, October 7

How an $89 Repair Saved $550 in 10 months.


Even someone as "aware" as I try to be can lose focus.  Our Airbnb, which is our most profitable rental property, was suffering from high water bills last year.  I chalked it up to guests taking long showers.  But I had been ignoring a slow leak at the hose bib in the backyard.  Only after a guest mentioned the leak did I decide to address it.

So, how much did this slow leak from a single faucet cost me?  

From the December 2018 bill to the August 2019 bill, which represents 10 months of usage, I paid $1,206.29 in water bills.  For the same period in 2019, I paid $655.53.

Total Savings:  $550.76

I bought a deal on Angie's List for the repair.  The plumber completed it in 5 minutes.  I had no idea how much that "small" leak was costing me.

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