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Tuesday, October 20

I'm Cancelling Netflix

 I'm feeling hardcore the last few days.  So after reading a comment online about users who cycle through streaming services, I questioned the value of my Netflix subscription.  A few months ago I downgraded to the single user $8.99 plan, which isn't very expensive.  However, I got to thinking... what's the worst that would happen if I cancel for a few months?

Tonight, I found out.  Once I logged into my account, I saw the cancel button.  Once I clicked the button, Netflix offered me a choice of new plans, which I declined.  It then said my profile and preferences would be saved for 10 months.

I'm fairly certain I'll be back.  But after sales taxes, a 3 month divorce will save me almost $30.  During that time, I still have Amazon Prime, Spectrum with Showtime (included with HOA dures), plus a number of free streaming services.  

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