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Monday, October 5

My Frugal Miser - September Expenses: $5,124

I tried to be very mindful of my September expenses.  My income is dropping a bit and I want to be proactive.  I spent just over $5,000 for the month; there simply weren't many expenses last month I could have reduced further.  
  • My largest monthly expense is the mortgage ($1,600).  I also paid the quarterly HOA dues in September.
  • Airbnb expenses were bare-bones.  Besides utility bills and lawn service, I spent a small amount on cleaning supplies.
  • The "fun" category ($373 in September) is the only variable I can easily control.  Last month I paid $132 for 12 months of satellite radio.  I also paid for our AMC A-List membership ($24 each).  Finally, we spent a night in Orlando ($53 for the hotel).  While there we spent a little on dinner and two adult beverages, as well as on a Groupon for a round of mini-golf ($11 for the two of us).  

September Business Spending:  $1,333
September Personal Spending:  $3,791

September Expenses:  $5,124

$353 Auto (service, gas, insurance, AAA, etc.)
$0 Bank Fees
$0 Clothing/ Personal Care
$373 Fun (vacations movies, gambling, alcohol, concert tickets)
$403 Food
$406 Health and Dental
$1,795 Household/Mortgage Payment/Home Repair
$0 Interest Expense
$0 Miscellaneous
$205 Taxes includes quarterly tax payments
$0 App Jobs Expenses (tolls, car washes, etc.)
$0 Unreimbursed Job Expenses
$0 Reimbursed Job Expenses
$255 Utilities
$753 Rental Property Expenses
$581 AirBNB Expenses

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