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Thursday, November 26

A Frugal Miser Gives Thanks: I Found a JOB!

Ever since I lost my job at the end of August I have struggled with what the future may hold for me. I've been doing okay with my severance (which ran out earlier this month) combined with the money I am making doing mystery shops, merchandising and donating plasma. The best part about this kind of work is the feeling of independence. Even though I've been busting my behind to earn a living, sometimes working 18+ hours/day, I've loved not having to answer to anyone but myself. I've also liked the flexibility of not having to do anything if I wanted to go out of town or just take some "me" time. Alas, the security of an 8-5 gig beckons me.

I interviewed at a startup company back in September and was offered a job right away. It was for a position that I did not necessarily want to do but with promise of moving up the ladder quickly. The night before I was to start, the CEO emailed me and said he was retracting the offer. I had no idea at the time what was going on. Did I do something wrong? Is his company not stable?

A few days later the CEO explained things to me. He assured me he just needed a bit more time as he thought through some things and told me he still wanted to hire me. I didn't give too much thought to this as I figured he was blowing me off but didn't have the kahunas to just tell me.

Then, the call. He asked if I could meet for lunch, where he explained the sanity behind his entrepreneurial thought process. Not only did he still want me, but he wanted me for a role I really wanted to be in, with slightly better pay.

I start next week! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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