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Thursday, November 19

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

Last week I didn't earn much from mystery shopping because I left for a conference on Wednesday and was out of town the rest of the week.

Busiest day of the week. Completed 11 gas stations and a doughnut shop.

Spent the morning completing four gas stations and two merchandising shops. I did four more gas stations that afternoon.

I donated plasma for the very first time in the morning. It took four hours, but I was promised that subsequent visits would be much shorter. That afternoon/evening I completed 2 gas stations and a public storage center.

First thing Wednesday morning I test drove a luxury car. At least that dang Bimmer qualified me for this shop (had to pull into the dealership with a BMW or Lexus to qualify) as it was relatively lucrative. Left for sunny Tampa, Florida late morning. No more shops this week.

Total Income for the Week: $230.00
Total Value of Reimbursements: $141.44

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