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Wednesday, November 4

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

Last week I didn't earn much at all from mystery shopping. Instead I spent most of my time renovating my first rental property after the tenants moved to Rental Property #7. I also went away to a wedding for the weekend. To top it off, I was sick most of the week with an infection in my throat. At one point I could barely swallow!

I ate lunch at a fast casual restaurant. I looked for other opportunities but nothing appealed to me. Sundays can be slow unless I find some gas stations to do.

This was my busiest day of the week for shopping. I completed 11 shops, traveling 213 miles.

Closed on the new property. The tenants vacated the townhouse on the same day, so I started that afternoon sprucing up the townhouse so that I can begin marketing it.

Again I spent most of the day at the townhouse, but I did manage to shop 3 gas stations and 2 banks.

Usually as the end of the month nears I can find last minute shops with great bonuses, but I didn't see anything that interested me, especially since my priority had to be cleaning up the townhouse (which, mind you, was a disaster area!).

I did a gas station and a telephone shop.

Nothing. Attended a wedding in Pennsylvania.

Total Income for the Week: $170.80
Total Value of Reimbursements: $77.75

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