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Thursday, November 5

My October Income: $17,065

October was a decent month. My severance benefits continue through November 10th, and because I wasn't actually working, I had lots of free time to earn money from mystery shopping.

$4,167 Severance Pay
$1,565 Mystery Shopping
$487 Change in Value of Retirement Accounts (Roth IRA and Rollover IRA)
$10,846 Rental Income*
$17,065 Total Income for October

*not typical. The tenants in Rental Property #7 agreed to pre-pay some of their rent (I needed the cash to close on the property). I use the cash basis to report my income.

November (and future months) won't be anywhere near as nice. I will receive one last paycheck from my former employer. I have been aggressively seeking other income, whether from one-off gigs on Craigslist or taking mystery shopping road trips. This month the dust will settle on the purchase of Rental Property #7 as well as some other interim changes that have resulted due to my job loss. By December I will have a more predictable view of my income and debt situation.

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