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Thursday, April 8

April Goals

April should be a good month for me financially. The question is, can I keep up the pace of my mystery shopping?

April Goals:
  • earn $3,000 from mystery shopping (last month I earned $3,294
  • spend less than $150 on food
  • reduce credit card debt to $28,000
  • reduce car loan to $16,000
I earned $3,294 last month from mystery shopping. While I normally would frown on setting a goal that was below the previous actual amount, I think $3,000 is the upper limit for what I can comfortable earn from mystery shopping. I'll test that theory this month.

I removed my fuel spending goal because nearly all the gas I use is for income-generating activities. Why set a limit on that? I don't take joy rides, so it isn't like I'm driving around aimlessly. I am also going to start shedding some pounds in April. In its place I added my car loan to the mix, as I have decided I should pay it off by the end of the year.

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