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Tuesday, April 13

Loads of Free Stuff at Office Depot this Week

I don't read the Sunday ads like I used to, but I stopped by Office Depot yesterday and found some amazing deals. For this week only, they have a number of items available FREE via their Worklife Rewards program. The details:
  • You can purchase 2 of each item DAILY this week.
  • You will receive 100% of your purchase back on a gift card at the end of the quarter.
  • You need a free rewards card to take advantage of the offer.
I made my purchase on my Citibank Professional card, which offers a 3% rebate in Thank You Points for office supply stores. I also received a $20 off $100 purchase email this morning, so I think a second trip is in order!

They have some really good items available, and all of these will be free in the form of the gift card:
  • Energizer batteries
  • Arrowhead bottled water
  • Uni-ball ink pens, highlighters
  • plastic storage containers
  • photo paper, notebooks
  • stapler, other office supplies

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