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Wednesday, April 21

What I Like About Mystery Shopping

There's good stuff and there's bad stuff as far as mystery shopping. Obviously, I must not mind it too much since I do it full time. Here are a few things I like. Tomorrow's post will be more fun as I will share some of the things about mystery shopping that really get under my skin.

Why Mystery Shop?
  • the money: I'm earning enough to pay my bills. Much of the work I do pays much better than minimum wage (and though I generalize it by calling it "mystery shopping", I also do a lot of revealed audits and merchandising).
  • tax advantages: My actual vehicle expenses are under $0.23 per mile, but the IRS lets me deduct $0.50 per mile. I'm able to offset other income with the deductible expenses I have.
  • no urge to splurge: Many people get the "itch" to go shopping every now and then. Have you ever shopped due to boredom? Who hasn't spent too much on an outfit or a meal because they needed to get out of the house? Since I shop professionally, trust me... I never have that urge! For me, it is a treat when I don't have to shop.
  • expense reduction: sure, splurges are contained, but I also reduce or eliminate many other expenses. Most of my gas and food are free. I have more soap, toothpaste and deodorant than I can use (my friends love me!), and I have a stash of office and cleaning supplies.
  • gets me out of the house: Mystery shopping/merchandising can be fairly physical. If I have 15 gas stations to shop in a day, that's 15 opportunities to move around. Usually when I am home I am sitting around surfing the Internet or reading, which burns fewer calories.

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